Live solidarity

8th of March initiative, 2010

Inspired by the need and desire to acknowledge and raise awareness on the importance of March 8th, the International Woman’s Day for the herstory, activists representing the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Sarajevo (CIPS), Pravo Ljudski, Association for Culture and Art CRVENA and TPO Foundation, gathered and conceptualized a set of events taking place in the period from the 7th until 10th of March. The idea behind the initiative is to celebrate the achievements and inspire further actions working towards the empowerment of women, greater understanding of feminist values, gender mainstreaming and most importantly, solidarity.

The Live Solidarity! Initiative offered exhibitions of feminist art works, installations, a socially engaged documentary film screening, theater play, public debates and performances, all using the power of arts to initiate open dialogue and the process of questioning the established gender (power) relations. As such, it contributed to public awareness of both the achievements of the woman’s movement and the need to reinvent new forms and channels for addressing gender discrimination in both public and private spheres.

In partnership with CIPS, PRAVO LJUDSKI and TPO


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