List Fest

List fest 2011 – „Prema održivim zajednicama“

21-24.10.2011., Sarajevo


Petak, 21.10.2011. (Međunarodni centar za djecu i omladinu Novo Sarajevo)

18– 20 Sajam razmjene

Subota, 22.10.2011. (Eco Futura)

10-11 Studijska posjeta Eco Futura-i,

11 – 14 Radionica “Organiziranje zajednice”

14 – 16 Vegetarijanski ručak

16 – 19 Radionica “Organiziranje zajednice”

Nedjelja, 23.10.2011. (Centar za kulturnu i medijsku dekontaminaciju)

11 – 14 Radionica kreativnog recikliranja

14 – 17 Vegetarijanski ručak

17 – 19 Radionica recikliranja papira

21 Green Party

Ponedjeljak, 24.10.2011. (Centar za kulturnu i medijsku dekontaminaciju)

17 – 20 Predavanje o kompostiranju





Practical skills for more sustainable living

“List fest – practical skills for more sustainable living” is an ecological festival that introduced new values through new skills. The main objective of the “List fest” is to question our current lifestyle and the value system and to raise awareness about the skills and tools we can develop and use for our own benefit.

Specifically we want 1. To equip young people with practical skills for living in a more sustainable way, thus “List fest” reinforces and introduces following values: 5Rs (reuse, reduce, recycle, rethink, repair), solidarity, individual accountability and creativity. List fest is a volunteer action, thus strongly promoting active citizenship of young people and voluntarism.  2. Connect to the like-minded individuals and to develop a platform for cooperation that will include more individuals and organisations.

Rational behind the List fest is the need to act, as we are all being alarmed by the state of our planet, and to use the momentum in Sarajevo and the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina that more and more individuals are developing their own skills that will enable them and those around them to live in a more sustainable way.

The facilitators of the practical workshops organised in the List fest are practitioners and artists with creative ideas and methodologies.

First List fest happened from 12th to 14th November 2010 and is realised in partnership with the association Re:element

Authors of List fest are: Aida Vežić, Vanja Jovišić and Adela Galešić


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