RED is considered the only true color and it is the first color known to wo/men. It is a color of blood and fire, strong emotions, love and color of alarm. RED is a color of power and energy we experience when we work together. This is why 10 women gathered around the original idea on the March 8th 2010, opted for the name CRVENA (meaning RED).

CRVENA is a community of unique individuals gathered around the idea that art and culture provide an open platform for social change. Among ourselves we recognized the need to act as collectively to shift the spotlight from negative tendencies in our society to creative ways of addressing problems affecting citizens in BH, Europe and worldwide. Each of us has been taking initiatives and responsibilities in achieving better society and focusing on its enrichment.

Who are CRVENA ? We are artists, musicians, curators, engineers, economists, journalists, human rights and cultural worker and activists we understand that our diversity is our power and our power is in each individual gathered around CRVENA. Although we are a new organization we have a long history of cooperation and teamwork in our background. CRVENA co-founders collaborated on several project from Vagina Monologues performance and V-day in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade, Vis-à-vis international project, PitchWise Festival of Women Arts Sarajevo, City of Women festival Ljubljana, Pitchnik in Mostar, Pre – PitchWise in Srebrenica and Bratunac, the exhibition project HACK.Fem.EAST Berlin, VOXfeminae Zagreb festival The Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade, Global Campaign 16 days of activism against gender based violence in BH, Sarajevo Book Club project, cultural policy development, Citizens initiative for revitalization, maintenance and rebuilding of new eco parks for children in Sarajevo and other individual projects. Our members exhibit their work all over the world. CRVENA is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network.

CRVENA mandate Our mandate is to act as transformers and mind triggers and to offer different and more critical ideas on the world around us and the world in which we wish to live in. We will act with full responsibility towards our constituencies and share the words of unity, solidarity, freedom, feminism, ecology, human rights, contemporary culture and arts.

Our Mission: CRVENA Association affirms the existing, and creates new free spaces for cultural and artistic creation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world.

Our Vision: Social changes achieved through affirmation of engaged and independent culture and especially art, based on the principles of feminism, ecology, activism and solidarity.

Program areas: woman’s production, development of public policies, cooperation with governmental institutions, organizing events, and publishing.

Platform for action/Key words: Art, Culture, Feminism, Education, Ecology, Gender Equality, Human Rights and Civil Society

Methods: Research and Analysis Raising Awareness Coordination and Networking Education Database/Digitalization Documenting Counseling/Advisory Activities Activism

Our executive board consists of:

1. MA Radojka Borić, Zagreb, Croatia, linguist and directress of Center for women’s studies Zagreb 2. PhD. Tanja Miletić Oručević, Mostar, BH, contemporary drama and theater directing” and directress 3. Damir Imamović, Sarajevo, BH – Sevdah expert and musician, Prof of Philosophy 4. Dunja Blažević, Sarajevo, BH – Art historian and directress of SCCA Sarajevo 5. Lala Raščić, Sarajevo, BH – President of the Board and Visual Artists

CRVENA is registered at the BH Ministry of Justice

ID broj/ID NO:  4201586460005

Bank details:

Unicredit bank Bank account:

338690221811085 2

IBAN: BA39 3386 9048 1811 1268


Valuta: BAM EUR

Core no: 20015830000; 20015830101

3 thoughts on “CRVENA

  1. Milan Pekić, novinar, izvršni urednik "Glasa antifašista", lista SABNOR-a BiH Sarajevo

    Sviđa mi se, a ustvari hoću reći vidim i razlog i prostor za saradnju

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