Lana Čmajčanin at Msdockville festival für Musik und Kunst in Hamburg


August 01 – August 18
MS Dockville Hamburg Festival für Kunst und Musik
Hamburg, Germany

ARTISTS: Alban Muja (KO) / Crystal Tits (USA) / Easter (NOR) / elffriede (AUT) / Frl. Wunder AG / Julia Herfurth Krautzungen / Lana Cmajcanin (BA) / Lea Connert & Maximilian Gadow / Lenika Long /Lena Moritzen / Matthias Hübner & Julien Fargetton (FR) / Móka Farkas (HUN) / Mykki Blanco (USA) Neutronics / Piotr Kotlicki & Aleksandra Chciuk (PL) / Rock & Wrestling / Sebastian Muhr (CL/Chile) umschichten (PL, TUR)

Blossoming sprouts plant greenery on soil, imbibe spaces, settle in cracks, and further grow and thrive. Ill weeds (ger. „unkraut“) go apace, they seize their territory and prove to be much more resilient than many crop plants.
Weeds? Weed out culture? Weed out krauts? Un-kraut? Off the beaten green track, we dedicate ourselves to the herbaceous, to the rambling, to the crowds uniting krauts and non-krauts, to the open, to the unpredictable. Throughout the past years we’ve constantly been working on breaking open the confines between art and life, on testing novel forms of life, and on supporting innovative artistic work. We grow – in all senses and directions, in order to let utopian potentials grow rampant.

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