Exhibition HIGH-WIRE ACT @ Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille (France) from 16th – 27th May 2012

Contemporary art exhibition on the political, social and personal concept of borders with Loredana Bianconi, Lana Cmajcanin, Leila Cmajcanin, Adela Jusic, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Sarah Vanagt, Vladan Jeremic and Rena Radle.

“Within and on the outside we vote for other manners and actions – for overnight shift of ratio-patriarchal capitalism to temporary feminist and experience based socialism, consumerism to modesty, repressed regulated individual to affirmative self-sustained social being, for direction sign-marks instead of borders.”

Although borders are everywhere, through perspective of human science they are virtual, or just actually real. They are specific constructs mostly associated with the nation state and as such are often presenting (in)direct reason for a war. The nation state concept is becoming ever more obscure and the national government bodies are serving global corporate capital power and federal banks’ interest policy. Even the majority of natural resources are controlled by corporate capital. The capital is the only thing which freely moves beyond any kind of border. It seems it manages to reproduce itself in certain ex-potent concentration. Instead of using the potential of quantum mechanics and attain free and sustainable energy for everyone, we accepted divisional nation state policy as natural and thus completely failed in seeing us as the responsible and emphatic subjects who would in short-term and in long-term manage to keep an overall balance.

On the other hand, there is ever greater awareness that we are social and emphatic beings, not only directly interrelated, but also heavily dependent on each-other. If half of the world is feeling really bad, also another half of the world can’t be happy, because of the empathic process which is happening in every human brain, regardless of social status, nationality, sex, etc.

For a start we should break the border between the ratio and the emotion. All decisions are based on emotions, and not on the ratio as we were thought since the enlightenment period. Today the elements of human, being the emotional animal, are ever more present everywhere, but unfortunately still mostly explained and discussed rationally. It is here where we are lacking tools, methods and strategies to realize it and to be able to deal with it and to talk about it.

The next revolution will be emotional revolution, where borders as we know them today will lose their sense. Nevertheless, the emotions are also one of the most important ways of understanding and feeling the music. The human is just culturally and visually individual, but in the sense of physics and molecular biology we are all made out of the same particles that somehow interact with each-other and take different forms. Initially the project Feria the Fronteras was exactly triggered by this – the experience of physically living at the border makes a specific life dynamic, not because of the division but because of the connections that happen between people regardless to national border.

Dunja Kukovec

You can see pictures from the exhibition here                           *all photos by Rena Raedle


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