Margareta Kern – GUESTures

at Gallery Kapelica, Kersnikova 4


Margareta Kern (London)

GUESTures is a series of carefully staged performative archival interventions, envisioned as a “travelling archive”

which develops in a constant and complex dialogue with its audiences and with the “subjects” of the artist’s parallel

historical and ethnographic research into the mass labour migration of workers from socialist Yugoslavia to West

Germany in the late 1960s. Within this broader context of Kern’s research, GUESTures has always been a project

dedicated above all to the marginalised histories of women migrants, whose presence in the mass waves of labour

migration from the former Yugoslavia for temporary work abroad remains extremely poorly documented. GUESTures,

by their very structure, remain an open space of investigation that emphasises the fragility of knowledge in which the

relationship between document, memory and testimony is never a given.

The Collective Reading, which happens on Friday, March 9th, at 2 pm, is an opportunity to activate the “archive”

through a collaborative act of reading together the material contained within it, such as the excerpts from interviews

that Kern conducted with the migrant women in Berlin between 2009 and 2011.

Margareta Kern’s artistic practice engages with the social and political sphere through multilayered and

interdisciplinary projects. Kern is interested in the relationship of performance, narrative and participation to

documentary and experimental image-making, as well as in the relationship between art and activism. Born in

Yugoslavia in 1974, Kern migrated to London, where she graduated from Goldsmiths College (BA, Fine Art), and

University College London (MA, Visual and Material Culture/South East European Studies). Her work has been

shown extensively, including at the Tate Modern, the Impressions Gallery Bradford, The Museum of Contemporary

Art Budapest, the SC Gallery Zagreb, the Institute for Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art Bath, and the Kurt-Kurt

Gallery Berlin. Kern is currently a holder of the Leverhulme artist-in-residence award at Durham University, UK. |


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