The Perspectives, Part 1 – The scope of political practices of moving images today

 A screening programme of video artworks, films and video performances selected by the curator and artist Vladan Jeremić 

Wednesday 16th November, 8.00pm. Bar 8, Dock Street, Galway, Ireland

Artists: Oliver Ressler, Joanne Richardson, Chto Delat?, Saša Barbul/Sali Kadrijaj/Rena Rädle/Vladan Jeremić, Damir Nikšić, Riikka Kuoppala, Adela Jušić/Lana Čmajčanin

Curators Biog: Vladan Jeremic is artist and curator. He was born in 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he lives and works. In his artistic practice he researches the intersection between contemporary art and social activism. Currently in the focus of his artistic research is the meaning of modernist urbanism today and the emerging social movements such as emancipatory movements of Roma in Europe. Jeremic holds MFA in Arts, graduated Interdisciplinary Master’s Studies at the University of Arts Belgrade. Since 2002 he works together with Rena Rädle as artist duo. They are founder of Biro Beograd, an association that gives platform for critical practice that steps beyond conventional forms of contemporary art, cultural and social research or activism. Vladan Jeremic was director of the Gallery DOB of the city’s cultural center in Belgrade from 2008 until 2009. He has curated more than thirty exhibitions in local and international Context and was one of the initiators of the project, “Call the Witness – 2nd Roma Pavilion” at the Venice Biennale 2011. He is co-author of the artworks within the collective Chto Delat? Vladan Jeremic had solo exhibitions in Belgrade, Paris, Hamburg, Helsinki, Trondheim, and Novi Sad, and many group exhibitions. His works are in the collection of MUDAM, Luxemburg, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven and Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid.

Vladan Jeremić will present a curators talk about the selected work for the evening’s screening programme.


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