List fest day 3

Day 3 of the List Fest began with a workshop dedicated to recycling creativelly. Workshop on creative recycling was open space for all individuals to work with materials they have prepared. More than twenty participants in the workshop held in the Centar za medijsku i kulturnu dekontaminaciju were more than creative – they reused and reshaped various materials, using various techniques.  Artist Maja Matasin prepared wire frames for the laps and was instructing participants giving lot of useful tips and tricks.The result of the creative efforts included several lamps, lampshades from recycled clothes and fabrics. Decoupage was a popular technique, used to personalize and redesign tea cups, bags, badges… The three hours dedicated to the workshop were not enough for all the projects of the participants, and the final conclusion was to organize similar workshops as soon as possible, promoting further the RRR principle of sustainable living.

Second workshop of the day was making paper. Artist Alisa Caber taught us how to make our own, personalised paper from scrapes of old paper adding dry leaves, flowers, scents and (natural) color. It was great to dip our hands in the water and create sheats of paper! With Alisa’s instructions and newly discovered enthusiasm we will continue to craft this new skill.

The day finished dancing with 80ies music on the recycled party. As an entrance we took plastic or paper promoting the separation of the garbage and recycling of these materials. Also, party was an opportunity to list our personal and common ecological problems and discuss ways of their removal and various solutions with young and active people who want to invest their time and enthusiasm and induce positive change in our communities and society.
Thank you for taking part in List fest! See you again soon!!!


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