List fest day 2

The study visit to “Eco futura” was an opportunity to learn about the history and philosophy behind this eco village.  The group of fifteen likeminded individuals first gathered over and idea of vegetarian restaurant “Vegehana”. Today “Eco futura” is promising venue of responsible and environment friendly tourism. The village offers a lot of interesting activities and what is most important has full support of local population living in the area.  Individual efforts and belief in the idea have results with charming place that offers the restaurant, parks, sports terrains, guest houses, workshops and other events and activities for children and adults.

In the guest house of Eco future we took part in the workshop on “Harvesting Collective Intelligence” facilitated by Simon Cooke. This intensive workshop was filled with positive energy created by the participants that learned more about each other. In three discussion groups organized in the form of World Café we discussed: What factors make a community sustainable in the short term and long term?; What are examples of successful communities and why?; What kinds of positive influence could sustainable community have in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Participants agreed that they want to learn more about the subjects and take action.


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