Bring In Take Out Living Archive in Zagreb_ October 13. – 16., 2011

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA)
Interactive Contemporary Art Exhibition
13. – 16. October 2011, Zagreb
Glyptotheque CASA, Medvedgradska ulica 2
Kino Grič, Jurišićeva 6
Kino Europa, Varšavska 3
Curatorial-theoretical-engaged collective, the Red Min(e)d is organizing the first edition of the Bring In Take Out – Living Archive dedicated to feminist art in (post)Yugoslav space in the framework of the significant conference REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms: Women’s Heritage Revisited, organized by the Center for Women’s Studies Zagreb that will gather some of the most prominent names of the post-Yugoslav feminism.
The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA) takes and uses artistic, creative and research means and their intersecting strategies to create a contemporary art exhibition, laboratory and public archive for emancipating social and cultural memory of women artists and feminist art in the post/Yugoslav space.
With the bring-in-take-out principle, the LA aims at creating an interactive platform of collaborative working and sharing of information, as well as documentation and presentation in the public space, in which a politics of remembering, production and translation of knowledge might emerge through the ways in which discourses and ideas generated by art practices are shared and through a continuous re-questioning of the emancipatory potential of such a living archive.
During the four day program of the Zagreb edition of the Bring In Take Out Living Archive we are presenting an interactive exhibition of contemporary art: art works, live video/photo/audio documentation, performance, concert, different live working stations, interviews, artists’ talks and discussions with artists, curators, academics, activists, but also an opportunity for ideas and thoughts exchange, as well as active approach to feminist art today. In this edition of the LA we proudly present artists and collaborators:
Nika Autor (Ljubljana), Milijana Babić (Rijeka), Ana Baraga (Ljubljana), Ana Čigon (Ljubljana), Lana Čmajčanin (Sarajevo), Lina Dokuzović (Vienna, Zagreb), Andreja Dugandžić (Sarajevo), Sandra Dukić (Banja Luka), Flaka Haliti (Priština, Frankfurt), Tea Hvala (Ljubljana), Damir Imamović (Sarajevo), Gabrijela Ivanov (Zagreb), Adela Jušić (Sarajevo), Lidija Radojević (Ljubljana), Sandra Prlenda (Zagreb), Svetlana Slapšak (Ljubljana), Ana Vilenica (Belgrade/Pančevo), Dina Rončević (Zagreb), Marina Gržinić (Ljubljana/Vienna) and Aina Šmid (Ljubljana), Nela Hasanbegović (Sarajevo), Dunja Blažević (Sarajevo), Milica Tomić (Belgrade), Vahida Ramujkić (Belgrade/Barcelona), Ana Hoffner (Belgrade/Vienna), Nina Bunjevac (Toronto), Tanja Miletić Oručević (Mostar/Brno), Biljana Kašić (Zagreb/Zadar), Nade Kachakova (Skopje), Ksenija Forca (Belgrade), Rada Borić (Zagreb), Tatjana Marjanović (Split), Azra Husanović (Vienna), Ida Hiršenfelder (Ljubljana), Tanja Ostojić (Belgrade/Berlin), Maša Hilčišin (Sarajevo/Praga), Jelena Jelača (Belgrade), Ajla Demiragić (Sarajevo), Maja Bogojević (Podgorica), Branka (Novi Sad), Lejla Somun-Krupalija (Sarajevo), Merima Jašarević (Mostar), Tina Smrekar (Ljubljana), Vanja Bucan (Ljubljana), Ana Hušman (Zagreb) and many others
Thursday, October 13
20:00 in front Kino Europa, Varšavska 3
Dear Ladies Thank You, performance by Ana Čigon (SI)
Friday, October 14
10:00–19:00 in Glyptotheque CASA Zagreb, Medvedgradska ulica 2
LA exhibition and laboratory*
Saturday, October 15
10:00–19:00 in Glyptotheque CASA Zagreb, Medvedgradska ulica 2
LA exhibition and laboratory*
22:00 in Kino Grič, Jurišićeva 6
Concert by Damir Imamović (BA) and VJane Adela (BA)**
Sunday, October 16
12:00–16:00 in Glyptotheque CASA Zagreb, Medvedgradska ulica 2
LA exhibition and laboratory *
*The programme of the LA exhibition and laboratory with live video/photo/
audio documentation, different live working stations, interviews, discussions,
artists’ talks will be updated daily and published on the spot and here.
**Free Admission for REDActing conference & LA participants, others
only if previously booked at:
Organized by: Red Min(e)d – Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Katja Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec, Jelena Petrović
Produced by: CRVENA Association for Culture and Art, Sarajevo and MINA
Institute for Socially Engaged Art and Theory, Ljubljana
Co-Produced by: Centre for Womens Studies Zagreb and Red Dawns Ljubljana
Supported by: ECF
Concept, curating, texts, organisation, PR by: RED MIN(E)D
Co-organisation, PR: Rada Borić, Sandra Prlenda, Tina Tešija
Technical realisation of the concert: Dobrivoje Milijanović
Design: Ana Baraga and Vedrana Serdarević
Web programming: Vanja Jovišić
Thanks to: Glyptotheque CASA Zagreb, Damir Imamović, Rada Borić, Alen and Kino Grič,
Vedrana Serdarević, Biljana Kašić, Ana Hušman, Igor Grubić, Ivana Bago, Gallery Miroslav
Kraljević, Ivan Slipčević, and all artists/collaborators of the LA Zagreb edition as well as
friends, partners, supporters and others who helped in the realisation of the LA idea!
Contact: Red Min(e)d,,
Center for women studies, Dolac 8, 10 000 Zagreb; e-mail:; Tel./fax: 01 48 72 406
Bring In Take Out – Living Archive
music station
REDacting Transyugoslav Feminisms: Women’s Heritage Revisited
conference closing party with
a concert by
Damir Imamović (BA)
with visuals by VJane Adela (BA)
Sevdalinkas by Damir Imamović are an explosive package of meanings: you hear one and
your associations will not be alcohol cry or rose garden with Bosnian coffee and baklava.
They will more likely be bloody reality of inhibition, oppression, censorship and silencing
of sexual and other freedoms. Damir’s sevdalinkas are leading us in the libraries and afterwards
to the streets. The completely new nature of sevdalinka points at its cultural resistance
and social pertinence and proves its significance in the contemporary Balkan.
The in-depth research by Damir shows that sevdalinkas’ patriarchal stereotypes
on gender and social hierarchy are not fixed and that the imposed anxious sentimentality
is rather fake. A whole new world of subversion and irony opens on the
crossroads between critical reading and authentic enjoyment. “Snijeg pade na behar,
na voće, neka ljubi ko god koga hoće /Snow falls on the blooming trees, and
on the fruit, let anyone love, whoever s/he could ”, it is said in one of old sevdalinka
songs: time is not “natural”, fertility cycle is not always respected by nature,
why should a love be conditioned to “natural”, heterosexual territory?
… Damir Imamović is not only a new born singer of sevdalinka songs, with him
sevdalinka itself is re-born. Finally, let’s fall in love! (Svetlana Slapšak)
The concert is a tribute by the musician to the feminists and feminists’ movements of the (trans/post)Yugoslav space.
Free Admission for REDActing conference & Living Archive participants, others only if previously booked at:
Organized by: Red Min(e)d
Co-organized by: Centre for Womens Studies Zagreb, CRVENA Association for Culture and Art Sarajevo and MINA Ljubljana
Technical realization: Dobrivoje Milijanović
Thanks to: Damir Imamović, Adela Jušić and Kino Grič
Supported by: ECF



BringINtakeOUT_Damir Imamovic_Concert_

BringINtakeOUT_Damir Imamovic_Koncert_


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