Continuous Open Call to Bring In Feminist Art from (trans)Yugoslav space


Dear friends artists, curators, art activists,

The Bring In Take Out Living Archive is a collaborative art project that works on the principals of sharing, information exchange, and ‘collective vs. individual knowledge’. With this continuous open call we are looking for information, documentation of art works and art works of women and feminist artists from the (trans/post)Yugoslav space.

The main feature of the project’s public display are (working) stations like: curated exhibition, live interviews, artist’s talks, reading room, digitalizing and uploading on the spot, video archive and similar. The first public display will happen in Gliptoteka Gallery in Zagreb, in the framework of the REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms: Women’s Heritage Revisited, October 13 – 16, 2011; the second in Ljubljana, at Red Dawns Festival, in March 2012; the third in Sarajevo, in September 2012; the fourth in Vienna, at Open Systems, in October 2012.

For the Perpetuum Mobile station we are calling for video art works – to be screened at the curated exhibition. For legal reasons we can only accept video art works in public domain, as a gift or simply as a copy. For Reading Room and Digital Owen we are looking for any kind of documentation: photo, exhibition photos or information on video and audio material etc., preferably in digital format. The main objective is to collect the information of a specific project (or art work, artist, group, event …) and to make it available and visible, either on the occasions of public displays and/or online.

The intention of Bring In Take Out Living Archive is not to build a material archive with the original works and materials. It is primary a mobile and digital platform where collaboration is not an intention but rather an unavoidable act, not a commodity to be praised but a challenge to explore. It is a continuous process where openness and inclusiveness are considered as a strategy and not as a final and firm possibility.

In case you are able to share, collaborate and add anything of (your personal) interest to Bring In Take Out Living Archive please send it by email, file sharing services or snail mail (see addresses below). Please feel free to ask or inform us for/on details, credits etc. The deadline for the first public display in Zagreb is October 11,  2011.

Please feel free to forward this open call to all you think might be interested.

We are thanking you in advance and looking forward to your unique collaboration,

E-mail address:

Addresses for contributions per snail mail
CRVENA – Association for Culture and Art Hamdije Čemerlića 11/1, 71 000 Sarajevo
MINA, Institute of Socially Engaged Art and Theory, Za Gradom 4, 1000 Ljubljana

The RED MIN(E)D is inviting you to share your knowledge, experiences, ideas and beliefs in regard to the history and presence of feminist art practices in the (post)Yugoslav space. Share your knowledge and contribute to the Living Archive of feminist art in (trans)Yugoslav space.

Here you go (click for online questionnaire):

RED MIN(E)D are: Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Dunja Kukovec, Katja Kobolt, Jelena Petrović

Association for Culture and Art CRVENA & Institute for Cultural Production and Socio-Political Studies MINA
Project would not be possible without sisterly support by our partners in Center for Womens Studies, Zagreb and Red Dawns, Ljubljana

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive is supported by the European Cultural


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