Invitation to Bring In to the Archive on (Trans)Yugoslav Feminist Art

Dear friends,

The RED MIN(E)D is inviting you to share your knowledge, experiences, ideas and beliefs in regard to the history and presence of feminist art practices in the (post)Yugoslav space.

We are kindly asking you to fill up the questionnaire according to your knowledge, remembrance and/or expertise. Please feel free to answer all, any or just one question in whatever length you want.

Here you go (clickforonlinequestionnaire):

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA) is a collaborative art project depending on shared knowledge, ideas and energy. Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone interested in art and feminism in (post)Yugoslav space.

The main endeavour of the Bring In Take Out – Living Archive (LA) is to take and use artistic, creative and collaborative ways of research to create an exhibition, an interactive a/v laboratory, and open archive as well as to shape a social and cultural memory on women artists and feminist art in and from this area.

The launching of the LA project will be in Zagreb in the framework of the conference REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms: Women’s Heritage Revisited (13.-16. Oct. 2011)

In order to be able to include your knowledge already in the forthcoming LA edition in Zagreb, we kindly ask you to fill up the questionnaire in 7 days upon receiving our email. Thank you!

Sincerely Yours,


RED MIN(E)D are: Danijela Dugandžić Živanović, Dunja Kukovec, Katja Kobolt, Jelena Petrović

Project would not be possible without sisterly support by our partners MINA, Ljubljana; Center for Womens Studies, Zagreb and Rdece Zore, Ljubljana

The Bring In Take Out – Living Archive is supported by the European Cultural Foundation


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