Lana Cmajcanin and Adela Jusic exhibit in Sweden and Germany

I will never talk about the war again (Lana Čmajčanin and Adela Jušić)

Psychosis, part 1

From 2011-09-17 to  2011-11-20

Group show in Färgfabriken’s main space

Opening Saturday, September 17, 2011

This fall we will open the first exhibition in Färgfabriken’s long-term commitment that we call “psychosis”. The Project is intended to illuminate the human psyche in various extreme states, both individually and collectively. It touches on areas such as political extremism, alternative social structures, perception and the individual’s relationship to his or her surroundings. We are interested in how these phenomena are expressed and interpreted in art, literature, and science.

Psychosis is a global project. In a series of events, we will deal with aspects of the project theme. Starting September 17 2011, with the exhibition I will never talk about the war again* in cooperation with the Serbian curator Vladan Jeremic, with a catalog and a seminar, we approach the individual’s psyche in relation to society.

Subsequent events and themes will take place over three years, through exhibitions, publications, screenings, seminars, or combinations thereof.

*The exhibition title is taken from two of the participating artists’, Lana Cmajcanin and Adela Jusic, video performance by the same name.


Pictures from the opening


Raumschiff Jugoslawien

Spaceship Yugoslavia

The Suspension of Time 

24 September – 30 Oktober 2011
Opening: 23 September 19h

Collective remembrance & amnesia, the caesura of 1989 and the decay of Yugoslavia are the points of reference for a comparative reading of new artistic practices alongside works from an older generation of artists – a draft picture of a paradox and subjective historiography from the ex-Yugoslavian cultural sphere.

Artists: Lana Čmajčanin & Adela Jusić, Marijan Crtalić, Bojan Fajfrić, Igor Grubić, Nina Hoechtl, Hristina Ivanoska, Staš Kleindienst & Sebastjan Leban, Marcel Mališ, Alban Muja, Damir Radović, Vahida Ramujkić, Mark Schneider


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