Project Feria de Fronteras_concerts_Tijuana Tango and Vetex

The Association for Culture and Art CRVENA from Sarajevo (BH), Etnofest  from Subotica (SR), Culture et Flonflons Flandres from Lille (FR) and Via Lactea from Tournai (BE) have the honour to invite you for an opening events of the “Feria de Fronteras” project (“Party at the Borders”) where we will, for the first time, showcase a new musical production, “Tijuana Tango” band that brings together musicians, from 5 countries, with different musical backgrounds and play a wide variety of musical styles. The singer in this band is Bosnian-Herzegovinian young and talented Jelena Milusic.
Please join us for two concerts in Sarajevo:

Friday, 29.07.2011. at 21h City Pub
(address Despiceva bb)
Orchestre International du Vetex  (FR/BE)

Saturday, 30.07.2011. at 23h Amfiteatar Dom mladih – MTV Music Depot
(address Skenderija bb)
DJ Fred Martiko (Ukr)
Tijuana Tango (BH/GER/FR/BE/SR)
Orchestre International du Vetex (FR/BE) with Jelena Milusic
VJana Adela (BH)

“Feria de Fronteras” will be realized in the next two years in different European countries and it is a crossroad between cultures and people, where we meet and share, inquire and offer answers about physical borders and borders unseen. “Feria de Fronteras” is a platform for artists coming from different disciplines and cultural workers who will jointly create a space for presenting, questioning and erasing borders between people and cultures. Project will be realized through EU Culture programme  2007 – 2013, in which Bosnia and Herzegovina participates for the first time. We are also proud to announce that CRVENA is the only NGO from BIH to partake in this European programme.

“Tijuana Tango” band

“Tijuana Tango”?! Tijuana or Tango? Tequila or Rumba? What is this about? It’s quiet simple. The musical project “Tijuana Tango” brings together different musicians, from different countries,  with different musical backgrounds. A wide variety of musical styles and songs come together, from sevdah or flamenco, passing by tarantelle or rumba, up to cumbia or fado. Old songs and new songs. “Tijuana Tango” is a musical invitation for people to think about borders and differences. Or so called borders and differences…

Jelena Milušić, Bosnia Herzegovina/Germany (vocals), Nathan Daems, Belgium (saxophone, clarinet), Filip Vandebril, Belgium (double bass), Sebastian Wiesner, Germany (percussion) and Thomas Morzewski, France (piano, trumpet).

We look forward to see you all there!

Pictures from the events available at 

and at 


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