Closing days of the 54. October Salon – No One Belongs Here More Than You

54th October Salon – No One Belongs Here More Than You

Zepter Expo, Former Department Store KLUZ, Masarikova 4, Belgrade

Thursday, November 14

6 p.m. – Walk-through the exhibition

7 p.m. – Alma Suljević, Bosančica (Women’s writing), performance

Zepter Expo, Former Department Store KLUZ, Masarikova 4


Friday, November 15

7 p.m. – Lala Raščić, The Damned Dam, performance

Zepter Expo, Former Department Store KLUZ, Masarikova 4

Saturday, November 16

1 p.m. – Walk-through the exhibition

5.30 – 6.30 p.m. – CCB team walks you through the October salon, CCB team (high school and university students) organises guided tours for their peers (and other interested parties)

6.30 – 7.30 p.m. – Artedu workshop – what Artedu have we been doing? Presentation of Artedu workshop results

7 p.m. – Lala R aščić, Travel in a Box, performance

Zepter Expo, Former Department Store KLUZ, Masarikova 4

Sunday, November 17

7 p.m. – Lala Raščić, Whatever the Object, performance and closing of the 54th October Salon

Zepter Expo, Former Department Store KLUZ, Masarikova 4


Next week in Belgrade an exhibition guide No One Belongs Here More Than You will come out, offering documentation on works and artists presented at the 54. October Salon.

In 2014 an exhibition reader will follow with de-construction of the exhibition, its reception and discourse as well as contributions generated in the framework of the curatorial schools which took place at the 54. October Salon.


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Alma Suljević: Bosančica: Women’s Writing, 2013


“In this performance I will recite my poems from the collection Črni dudi moga dida, written in the 80s, in the BOSANČICA tone. The poems were published in a literary magazine (Književna revija) a few months before the beginning of the war in Yugoslavia. In medieval Bosnia, depending on the rulers, the men spoke and wrote different languages: old church, Latin, Turkish or the Arabic language and its alphabet, alhamiado, or languages brought by Jews – but women wrote in the women’s alphabet and in the Bosnian language. Thanks to women’s script and its clarity, convenience and ease, today we have a new alphabet – written Cyrillic. What is to be admired here is this phenomenon of a women’s script, in the Bosnian language, also known as Bosančica, being entirely left to women for their correspondence as their right, their secret and their code. I entirely devote this performance to our curators Red Min(e)d.” (Alma Suljević)

Alma Suljević is a contemporary artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, the Department of Sculpture, and finished her post-graduate studies in the field of the contemporary philosophy at the University of Sarajevo. Since 1997, she has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, where she lives and works. Alma’s work mostly reflects on topics of war, women and feminism.


Lala Raščić:  The Damned Dam, 2010; Traveling in the Box, 2007-2009; Whatever the Object, 2013


“My work is a trans-disciplinary exploration of narrative and the means of delivering it. Rooted in the visual, I am fascinated by words, by the literary, written, spoken: performed. I am not concentrated on a single subject, more often the departure for every new project is a serendipitous find that takes me to journey of discovery through research. Very often my work takes the form of installations, videos and objects, which in correlation form a narrative thread, with the central axis of my projects being performance. My definition of performance is broad; it can be spoken text, video or live performance. My concern is with constructing worlds that communicate with fantasy and reality, but are subverted by a critical approach and contextual readings. For the 54th October Salon, I have been invited to deliver three performances on three consecutive days. I will be performing The Damned Dam, Travel in the Box and Whatever the Object. Each of these performances will be a new, unique rendition of a former project.

The Damned Dam will be the first time I perform, in English, the text from the project originally produced in 2010 as an oral storytelling performance and video performance. The new English version of The Damned Dam exists only as an audio work, produced in 2013, in which I am accompanied by a “saz”, a traditional string instrument. In this last version, the original spoken text, in my native tongue, is carefully translated into English as an epic ballad teeming with alliteration, rhyme and evocative poetic imagery. The story is set in the near future and follows two characters as they battle social injustice and environmental disaster, inspired by motifs from Bosnian oral storytelling traditions.

Travel in the Box is a work, which since its conception, in 2007, has been undergoing transformation each time it was presented. Originally developed as a video performance for a frieze of 22 monitors in foyer of the Threshold Artspace in Perth, Scotland, the work has morphed not only in the medium, but also in content. It’s most ambitious realization was for City of Women, Ljubljana in 2009 when I commissioned several poets and poetesses to write verse on the topic of travelling in a box, inspired by two stories of persons that shipped themselves in a box, in search for a better world. One refers to Henry “Box” Brown, a slave that shipped himself to freedom in 1849, and the other story is of Charles McKinley, a man that stowed away in a box because he was homesick in 2005. In Belgrade I will deliver a lecture performance that maps the versions of the project and interpret the poems I have collected. 

Whatever the Object is based on a three channel video installation produced in 2013. Whatever The Object explores the notions of translation and transmutation. I will perform the script originally written for three actresses. It is based on three found pages of an unidentified book, analyzed as an object and a source of meanings. The script follows an almost forensic analysis of the found pages, their content, and their physical properties, concentrating specifically on one sentence singled out from the text because of its cryptic nature. The said sentence is translated and thus re-interpreted through translation into Croatian, English and German. Numerous versions of its translation explore it linguistically, opening the space for the speculation of its meaning, which is in turn deconstructed through the repetitive verbal interpretation of the sentence in the three languages.” (Lala Raščić)

Lala Raščić was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has received her art education at he Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb. Her works spans installation, video, performance and painting. She had been an artist in residence at the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam; Platform Garanti, Istanbul; Cite des Arts, Paris and Kultur Kontakt, Vienna, amongst others. She has exhibited extensively internationally and in the region. In 2013 she was the recipient of the Future of Europe Art Award, Alpha2000 and is shortlisted for the Henkel Art.Award. Recent solo shows include No Country Other Than Liberty, SIZ, Mali Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rijeka (2013); Whatever the Object, GfZK, Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig (2013); A Load from the Inside – Reviewed, Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna (2011) and The Damned Dam, POGON, Jedinstvo, Zagreb (2010). Her works are a part of both private and museum collections in Sarajevo, Zagreb and New Orleans. Lala spends her time between Zagreb – where she is the member of HDLU and HZSU artists’ associations; Sarajevo – where she is the board member of the Association for Culture and Art CRVENA; and New Orleans – where she is a member the artist-run gallery Good Children.





Lana Čmajčanin at Msdockville festival für Musik und Kunst in Hamburg


August 01 – August 18
MS Dockville Hamburg Festival für Kunst und Musik
Hamburg, Germany

ARTISTS: Alban Muja (KO) / Crystal Tits (USA) / Easter (NOR) / elffriede (AUT) / Frl. Wunder AG / Julia Herfurth Krautzungen / Lana Cmajcanin (BA) / Lea Connert & Maximilian Gadow / Lenika Long /Lena Moritzen / Matthias Hübner & Julien Fargetton (FR) / Móka Farkas (HUN) / Mykki Blanco (USA) Neutronics / Piotr Kotlicki & Aleksandra Chciuk (PL) / Rock & Wrestling / Sebastian Muhr (CL/Chile) umschichten (PL, TUR)

Blossoming sprouts plant greenery on soil, imbibe spaces, settle in cracks, and further grow and thrive. Ill weeds (ger. „unkraut“) go apace, they seize their territory and prove to be much more resilient than many crop plants.
Weeds? Weed out culture? Weed out krauts? Un-kraut? Off the beaten green track, we dedicate ourselves to the herbaceous, to the rambling, to the crowds uniting krauts and non-krauts, to the open, to the unpredictable. Throughout the past years we’ve constantly been working on breaking open the confines between art and life, on testing novel forms of life, and on supporting innovative artistic work. We grow – in all senses and directions, in order to let utopian potentials grow rampant.

Artist talk w/sa Alban Muja_23.04.2013 @CRVENA/LIFT

*Artist talk will be in English


Udruženje za kulturu i umjetnost CRVENA vas poziva na

R A Z G O V O R  SA 


Utorak 23.04. 2013

Od 18 – 20

Čekaluša 15/1


  Alban Muja (1980., Mitrovica) je vizuelni umjetnik i jedan od najistaknutijih predstavnika novog vala suvremene umjetničke scene Kosova. Živi u Prištini, gdje je završio dodiplomski i postdiplomski studij na Fakultetu likovnih umjetnosti. Njegov opus pokriva širok spektar medija poput video-instalacija, kratkometražnog filma, dokumentarnog filma, crteža, slikarstva, fotografije i performansa. Njegovi radovi izlagani su na brojnim samostalnim i grupnim izložbama u zemlji i inostranstvu.

 Alban Muja je za svoj umjetnički rad dobio nekoliko nagrada, a učestvovao je i u višerezidencijalnih programa širom svijeta od New Yorka i Novog Mexica do Turske, Engleske, Austrije i nekoliko rezidencijalnih programa u regiji.

Pod utjecajem političkih i društvenih transformacijskih procesa na Kosovu i u regiji, Muja istražuje prošlost i društveno-političke teme i povezuje ih sa svojom pozicijom na Kosovu danas.

Trenutno je u Java Galeriji za savremenu umjetnost otvorena njegova izložba pod nazivom Imenovanje koja je otvorena do 22. aprila 2013. godine, a moguće ju je pogledati svakim danom, osim nedjelje, od 12:00 do 20:00 sati.

Izložbom Imenovanje, umjetnik se u Sarajevu predstavlja radovima – fotografijama, video-radovima i filmom – koji se bave različitim aspektima politike imenovanja u tranzicijskom društvu.

Alban takođe učestvuje na ovogodisnjem Bijenalu suvremene umjetnosti D-0 ARK Underground u Titovom atomskom skloništu u Konjicu koje će biti otvoreno 26.04.2013.


Projekat CRVENA AKCIJA je podržan od strane  Schuler Helfen Leben 


Association for Culture and Art CRVENA has the honor to invite you to an

A R T I S T  T A L K with 


Tuesday 23.04. 2013

18 – 20

Čekaluša 15/1


Alban Muja (born in Mitrovica on 10. September 1980) is a Kosovo-based visual artist & filmmaker,currently lives in Prishtina, having graduate BA & MA from the Faculty of Fine Art in Prishtina.

His works cover a wide range of media including video installation, short film, documentary film, drawings, paintings, photographs and performance, and have been exhibited extensively in International exhibition, in festivals and shows including personal presentations as well.

Mostly influenced by the social, political and social transformation processes in Kosovo and the surrounding region, he investigates history and socio-political themes and links them to his position in Kosovo today.

He was a winner/part of couple residency/fellowship: Tobacna 001 residency/ City Musuem Ljubljana Slovenia, Apartment Project residency Istanbul Turkey, Young visual art award at ISCP Residency, New York, ARTSLINK Residency, New York, KulturKontakt Residency, Vienna Austria, Backyard International Artist Residency, Kuda-Center for New Media Novi Sad, Serbia, International Artist and Writer Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico USA, Braziers International Artist Residency, Braziers Park, OxfordShire, England

You can visit his exhibition called ‘Naming’ in ‘Java’ contemporary arts gallery in Sarajevo (Java Galeriji za savremenu umjetnost) until 22. April 2013., every day except Sunday, from  12 – 20h.

With this exhibition, artist presents to Sarajevo his photos, videos that deal with different aspects of naming politics in transitional society.

Alban also participates at this year Contemporary Art Biennale D-0 ARK Underground in Konjic, opened for public from 26th April 2013 

Project CRVENA AKCIJA is supported by Schuler Helfen Leben 

ImageCatch me


Tri nivoa transgresije

Daniel Premec je, strašću i predanošću umjetnika koji se ne zadovoljava samo jednom pronađenom matricom, u svom dosadašnjem radu eksperimentisao na sva tri nivoa kiparske prakse: materijalno-tehničkom, konceptualnom-analitičkom i estetskom-čulnom. Od minijaturnih dimenzija trna do monumentalnosti skulpture u javnom prostoru, od stabilnosti kamena do lakoće kose, od organskih materijala do različitih vrsta metala, uključujući aluminij, njegova djela zadržavaju prepoznatljivost u raznovrsnosti, što je odlika izgrađenog umjetničkog identiteta. Ova se prepoznatljivost temelji na promišljenoj stvaralačkoj proceduri u kojoj se značenje i formalizacija ne pokazuju kao dominantni već se iščitavaju indirektno kroz materijalnost i čulnost skulpture i njenog neposrednog/afektivnog dejstva na posmatrača.
Značajan aspekt ove procedure jeste stavljanje u pogon simboličnih formi koje upućuju na značenja opasnosti, napada, povrede, sputavanja: radi se o čovjekovom nasrtanju na prirodu, o skučenosti racionalnog uma i neusklađenosti između tehnološkog napretka i ugroženosti opštih uslova života, uključujući tu i razvoj duhovne svijesti, ali takođe i o komentaru na konkretne istorijske okolnosti i društvenu-kulturnu-ekonomsku-političku stvarnost.
Ovu site-specific izložbu treba shvatiti kao deklaraciju pobune i potrebe da se izađe na kraj sa uslovima iz kojih nema izgleda da se pronađe izlaz. Da li je to pobuna koja, iako nastoji probiti zidove galerijskog prostora, ostaje sputana u okvirima ovih zidova? Odgovor na ovo pitanje sa jedne strane može biti potvrdan. Sa druge strane, angažman Daniela Premeca nadilazi estetiziranu agresivnost koja bi bila samoj sebi svrha. On uzima potencijal agresivnosti kao polaznu tačku umjetničke (kiparske) prakse koja je neodvojiva od direktnog fizičkog manuelnog učinka. Sa te strane, ova je izložba deklaracija transgresije ograničavajućih okolnosti. Tri su nivoa na kojima se takva transgresija manifestuje: na tehničkom nivou, radi se o aktualizaciji (materijalizaciji) kojom potencijal postaje čin transgresije u konkretnom prostoru sa svim aspektima vještine u primjeni metoda obrade materijala i vještine intervencije u prostoru; na idejnom nivou, radi se o snazi predočavanja strukture realnosti koju karakterizira uzajamna dinamika destrukcije i konstrukcije, sputavanja i transgresije; na nivou čulnosti, radi se o dejstvu monumentalnih prijetećih šiljaka na tijelo i psihu posjetioca galerije.
U ovu transgresivnu estetiku, koja podrazumijeva simboličku transformaciju baznog čulnog iskustva svijeta, Daniel Premec upisuje konotacije konkretnih uslova ugrožene kulture (prvenstveno u Bosni i Hercegovini) i slijepih ulica savremene umjetnosti. Svoju poziciju umjetnika ne ograničava na samozadovoljavajuća formalna traganja već nastoji ukazati na umjetničku proceduru koja koristi potencijal agresivnosti kao na model aktualizacije subjektivnosti sposobne za otpor.

Branka Vujanović

pozivnica daniel premec


Razgovor sa Arminon Pilav

Nedelja 07.04.2013
Od 17 – 20
Čekaluša 15/1


Armina će predstaviti projekat “Imaging Borders” – studija slučaja je grad Sarajevo te njegove stvarne i imaginarne granice. Projekat je u početnoj fazi i cilj ovih razgovora je da se uključi što više zainteresiranih građana i građanki u sam proces istraživanja na temu granica, zatim predstavljanje istih kroz fotografije, arhitektonske i umjetničke projekte, i ostale medije iz popularne kulture. Osim teme projekta bitan element je i metodologija njegove izrade, kroz multimedijalni online arhiv na koji svi mogu da reaguju tako što će priložiti svoj materijal ili komentirati već postojeći.

I u ovom projektu Armina Pilav nastoji kreirati zajednički projekat koji se oslanja na zajednički prostor grada, gdje ispitivanje i diskusija o istom stvara opet neki novi prostor.

Svi materijali ovog projekta će biti predstavljeni u novembru 2013 na Bijenalu arhitekture Shenzen u Kini.

Armina Pilav, PhD Candidate iz Urbanizma na Arhitektonskom Fakultetu IUAV Venecija. Živi i radi na relaciji Sarajevo-Venecija. Autorica je različitih arhitektonsko-umjetničkih projekata gdje propituje odnos izmedju grada-građana/građanki, pojam teritorije i politike stvaranja istih. Objavila je nekoliko naučnih radova na temu post-konfliktnih teritorija i imaginacije istih gdje je Sarajevo studija slučaja.  Armina je članica Udruženja za kulturu i umjetnost CRVENA


SHL~ 30 x 30 cm-1

CRVENA AKCIJA _ artist talk sa Arminom Pilav

Šta je nama nasa borba dala/What has our struggle given us_8 i 9.03.2013

CRVENA je boja krvi i vatre, jakih emocija, ljubavi i boja alarma. Jedino se CRVENA boja smatra pravom bojom, a to je i prva boja koju je čovjek otkrio. Crvena je također i boja snage i energije koju osjećamo svaki put kada radimo zajedno. Upravo iz ovih razloga se 10 žena okupilo oko izvorne ideje za osnivanje organizacije na 8. Mart 2010 i opredijelila za ime CRVENA. Na naš treći rođendan i u čast onih koje su se do sada borile za naša prava i slobode odlučile smo se ovaj 8 mart 2013, dakle tačno 100 godina nakon što je 1913. godine, tri godine nakon međunarodne konferencije žena u Kopenhagenu, na kojoj je na prijedlog Klare Cetkin usvojena odluka o praznovanju 08. marta, u Sarajevu je održana “Proslava ženskog dana” na kojoj je učestvovalo oko 2.000 bosanskohercegovačkih žena svih konfesija, pitati: Šta je nama naša borba dala?
Sta je nama nasa borba dala_pozivnica BHS
Red (CRVENA in bhs language) is the color of blood and fire, strong emotions, love and color of alarm. Color red is considered to be the only proper color, being the first color humans have discovered. Red is also a color of power and energy we feel every time we work together. Precisely for these reasons, 10 women gathered around the original idea for the establishment of the organization on the 8th March 2010 and opted for the name CRVENA (RED). Exactly one hundred years ago and three years following the International Conference of Women in Copenhagen where at the proposal of Clara Zetkin decisionon the celebration of 08th March was adopted, 2000 Bosnian women of all faiths have celebrated International Women’s day in Sarajevo. On our third birthday and in honor of those who have fought for our rights and freedoms we decided to mark this 8 March 2013, by asking ourselves: What has our struggle given us? Sta je nama nasa borba dala_pozivnica EN
 CRVENA Adela Jusic


121 organizacija i institucija iz BiH prijavilo je svoje aktivnosti u 34 mjesta i grada u okviru realizacije kampanje Jedna milijarda ustaje (One Billlion Rising) – globalna kampanja protiv nasilja nad ženama,djevojkama i djevojčicama. U sklopu ove kampanje 14. februara, 2013. u 14h aktivisti i aktivistkinje, građani i građanke Sarajeva će se na Trgu Djece Sarajeva ( platou ispred BBI Centra) pridružiti aktivistima/icama širom svijeta u kampanji JEDNA MILIJARDA USTAJE.

U Sarajevu kampanji JEDNA MILIJARDA USTAJE, najvećem aktivističkom danu u historiji V-dana, globalnom aktivističkom pokretu protiv nasilja nad ženama, djevojkama i djevojčicama će se priključiti direktor USAID-a David Barth sa suprugom, Danuta Moon supruga američkog ambasadora, šefica Ureda Vijeća Evrope u BiH Mary Ann Hennessey u BiH te druge poznate osobe iz kulturnog, javnog i političkog života BiH. Pored plesa koji je centralna aktivnost ovog događaja aktivisti i aktivistkinje brojnih organizacija uključenih u kampanju će dijeliti promotivne materijale te direktno informisati građanstvo o problemu nasilja nad ženama u BiH.

Ovaj događaj je pokrenut kao poziv na akciju i odgovor na užasavajuću statistiku po kojoj je jedna od tri žene tokom svog života prebijena ili silovana. Kako ukupna populacija planete Zemlje iznosi oko 7 milijardi ljudi, procjenjuje se da čak JEDNA MILIJARDA ŽENA, DJEVOJAKA I DJEVOJČICA trpi nasilje.

Organizacije koje su do sada dio kampanje su: Edukacija za ljudska prava i aktivno građanstvo na Zapadnom Balkanu, Fondacija Schüler Helfen Leben, Centar za promociju civilnog društva, Institut za razvoj mladih KULT, Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava BiH, Asocijacija XY, NGG CD Volonteri i prijatelji Konjica, ONE WORLD SEE, OKVIR, USAID, Udruženje za kulturu i umjetnost CRVENA, Mreža za izgradnju mira, Fondacija CURE, IMIC-Internacionalni Multireligijski Interkulturni Centar,, Žene Ženama, Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Akcija građana, Fondacija lokalne demokratije, Art kino Kriterion, ART LAB idr.

Kampanja Jedna milijarda ustaje odvijat će se simultano u 200 zemalja, a pridružilo joj se više od 15.000 organizacija i pojedinaca/ki, među njima članovi/ce vlada i parlamenata, i ugledne javne osobe. U BIH će se protestno plesati u Mostaru, Banja Luci, Travniku, Turbetu, Brčkom, Visokom, Doboju, Tuzli, Zenici, Jablanici, Prijedoru itd.

Jedna milijarda ustaje je početak novog svijeta i nove energije. Ovo nije kraj naše borbe, nego njezino snaženje. 14.02.2013. plesat će se u znak solidarnosti sa svima onima koji/e preživljavaju nasilje. Pozivamo vas da se uključite u kampanju Milijarda ustaje i svaki dan u godini radite na sprječavanju i zaustavljanju nasilja.

Za više infomacija kontaktirajte: ili 033 260 761